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Point of Sales

  • Fast Setup

    Be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Start selling immediately!

  • Split Payment

    Multiple payment option allows your customers freedom to pay part cash and part credit card etc.

  • Custom Sales Config

    Config your Point of Sales to suit your business needs

  • Multi Location

    Manage sales from multiple locations and multiple points of sale.

  • Easy to Use

    Simplicity is at the core of what we do. Your staff will be up and running with little or not training.

  • Sales history

    Review your digital sales history at any point in time and generate sales reports.

Inventory Management

  • bulk upload

    Get up and running by uploading your stocks via excel spreadsheets.

  • multi location

    Track and manage stock across multiple locations.

  • Alerts

    Receive daily alerts about low stock and stay on top of your stock re-ordering

  • Purchase orders

    Manage purchase orders seamlessly, track stock receipts and manage vendor payments.

  • Inventory counts

    Perform full or partial stocktakes with a barcode scanner or manually.

  • Inventory Flow

    Gain insights into the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment history.

Human Resource Management

  • Employee Management

    Full fledge employee management system for all byusiness sizes.

  • Leave Management

    Track and manage your leave for your organisation seamlessly.

  • Time and Attendance

    Track employee time and attendance seemlessly via a custom web and mobile interface

  • Appraisals

    Simple and Effective appraisal managament system for your organisation

  • Exit Management

    Perform full or partial exit for leaving employees.

  • Employee Self Service

    Employee self service via custom mobile and web interfaces.


  • Custom System

    Customise your payroll system to suit your unique needs. Felxible allowance and deduction setup means you can configure your payroll items to match your business unique needs.

  • Disbursement

    Credit your employees bank accounts directly from your payroll system.

  • Payslips

    Print or Send payslips to all employees automatically on payroll processing completion

  • Loan Management

    Manage employee loans and deduct accordingly from their monthly payroll.

  • Commisioned based payroll

    Pay your employees as a percentage of their sales and based on defined commissions.

  • Tax and Compliance

    Manage tax and comply with local regulationsinsights into the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment log.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Database

    Create and manage your customer database to as much details as neccessary for your use case

  • Customer Anniversary

    Track and automate custom messages to your customers on their anniversaries.

  • Custom History

    Deep Dive into customer relationship - every detail is captured on your customer interraction

  • Issues Tracker

    Track customer compliants and convert complaints to actionable feedback for service improvements.


  • Professional Templating

    Create beautiful and professional looking invoices easily using existing and ready to use templates.

  • Automated Reminders

    Automate your invoice reminders so you never loose track of overdue invoices again.

  • Integrated Payment

    Your customers can pay their invoices directly from their email invoices

  • Debtors Age Analysis

    See at a glance your account receivables and order them by age overdue.

Expense Management

  • Expense Register

    Simple and efficient expense register allows you to record all incurred expenses.

  • Petty Cash

    Create and Fund Petty cash to track all expenses.

  • Integrated Posting

    Post expenses directly to your accounting system and journals

  • Multi Location

    Expense Register for each location is segregated and managed separately.

  • Reporting

    Advanced reporting allows you to drill down on your company expenses.

  • Expense history

    Gain insights into the flow of your expenses by viewing expense logs.

Fixed Assets Management

  • item import

    Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets.

  • Track Aseets

    Track company assets and and their components.

  • Depreciation

    Automate your asset depreciation cycle

  • Integrated

    Integrated directly to your accounting systems for automated reporting.


  • Accounting Simplified

    Simple, Powerful accounting for your small business. No fluff, just the stuff you need!

Consumer App

  • Mobile and Web Commerce

    A complimentary web and mobile that extend your store beyond its walls - allowing your consumer to shop from the conmfort of their home or office, make seamless payments and stay on top of theior side of the store-customer relationship

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